Robert H. Fenton,  Corp.
How may I be of service to you?
My strength is managing cross-functional, engineering projects/programs. I'm very good at organizing and energizing people to help get the most out of them. I've delivered on complex, multi-year, multi-discipline projects at all levels of an organization. I've negotiated contracts with suppliers, reduced product costs/improved margins, stabilized/optimized production lines, worked directly with customers and their applications, been responsible for medical device regulation compliance, failure analysis, and I've developed/implemented new products from idea through production through end-of-life. 

I've worked in R&D, manufacturing, and quality as an individual contributor and in management roles. I've been responsible for SMT assembly (flip-chip and second-level reflow soldering), bumped wafers, worked in medical devices (nuclear imaging, ultrasound imaging, and insulin delivery), and worked in chemical manufacturing (GC columns, LTM, and UI Inlet Liners). I've worked on complex automation systems, hand assembly processes, and most everything in-between. I've supported low-volume manufacturing and prototyping as well as high-volume operations.

I would describe my self as organized, a fast learner, and a leader at all levels of an organization. I'm empathetic in my approach and certainly not afraid to roll-up my sleeves to help get the job done using a "whatever it takes" type of approach.

In short, I don't think of myself as just an engineer. I think I bring a much-broader skill set to the table. I'm a problem solver, plain-and-simple. Be it an engineering problem, be it a personnel problem, be it a management problem, or be it a project-related problem. That's what I do. I engineer data-driven solutions to problems and help people achieve their goals while ensuring company objectives are met.